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Domestic futures opening black tie led the rise in rebar futures rose more than 4%

China Securities network news today's domestic futures open black again led the rise, as of press, rebar main contract up 4.69%, hot coil main contract up 4.52%, iron ore main contract up 4.80%. In terms of news, over the weekend, the price of billets in Tangshan area rose 200 yuan/ton for two consecutive days, before the Tangshan area issued a relevant notice to investigate the illegal production of strip steel, and the production of intermediate frequency furnace will be affected. It is reported that the main products downstream of the intermediate frequency furnace in Tangshan area are rebar and disk screw. The industry pointed out that the current short-process steel mills in Tangshan mostly use intermediate frequency furnace production billets as raw materials, this round of investigation action or will affect the output and price of Tangshan rebar.

Other varieties, most varieties of chemicals today are red, the main contract of rubber rose 6.11%, the main contract of Zheng alcohol rose 3.21%, and the main contract of plastics rose 3.81%.