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Tangshan billet rose 100 yuan yesterday

【 Shagang building materials rose 200 yuan in the middle of 】


Affected by the environmental inspection and the shutdown of the intermediate frequency furnace, the phase screw and billet reached a new high, the market sentiment was high, and the steel mill also actively raised the price. The market price rose sharply in early December, and the overall price rose 180-200 yuan/ton from the end of late November.

Due to rising costs, IF furnace shutdown, low inventory, black futures strong boost, market prices soared! Taking the Hangzhou thread screw market as a reference point, the mainstream market price of Shaigang three large thread is 3370-3400 yuan/ton, and the factory price of rebar in early December is 3,300 yuan/ton.

The current positive factors are still dominant, the market is expected to be strong in the later period, it is reported that on December 12, Shagang will organize the 2017 agreement meeting, steel mill policy is firm, giving agents more confidence and support. Steel mill policy continued to increase significantly, steel mill raised 200-250 yuan/ton.


Shagang building materials mid-rise 150-200 yuan/ton

On December 11, 2016, Shagang introduced the price policy of some products in mid-December 2016 on the basis of "Shagang introduced the price policy of early December on December 1, 2016" :

1, high line: the price increased by 200 yuan. The factory price of 6.5mmHPB300 general carbon high line is 3480 yuan/ton.

2. Pan screw: The price rose by 200 yuan. The factory price of 8-10mmHRB400 screw is 3520 yuan/ton, and the price of 6mmHRB400 screw is 200 yuan/ton, and the price of seismic screw is 30 yuan/ton.

3, thread: the price increased by 150 yuan. Now the factory price of HRB400 with 16-25mm thread is 3450 yuan/ton, Φ10mm price increase of 160 yuan/ton, Φ12mm price increase of 120 yuan/ton, Φ14mm price increase of 30 yuan/ton, Φ28-32mm specification price increase of 50 yuan/ton, Φ36, Φ40mm specification price increase of 250 yuan/ton, Anti-seismic steel bar added price of 30 yuan/ton. The factory price of 14-25mmHRB500 thread is increased by 150 yuan/ton on the basis of HRB400.

4, the previous round screw, wire plan is not completed as completed.

5. The discount is adjusted to 13 yuan/month. Tons of

The above prices are tax inclusive and will be effective from December 11, 2016.



【 Midday increase 370 yuan/ton 】


On December 11, Zhongtian Steel adjusted the ex-factory prices of some products, based on the "price adjustment information of some products in Zhongtian on December 1", and the specific adjustments were as follows:

1, the high line increased 250 yuan/ton, the current Φ8mm HPB300 high line execution price is 3680 yuan/ton.

2, rebar up 150 yuan/ton, the current Φ16-25mm HRB400 rebar execution price is 3450 yuan/ton.

3, disc screw up 250 yuan/ton